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Problems placing my order.

It is unusual to have issues when placing an order on our website. In most cases, you will see a message with guidance on how to solve the problem that you are facing and following the guidance will get the process back on track very quickly.

Here are the most common ordering problems that we see and how to resolve them:

  1. Purchase declined by your bank

Occasionally a purchase will be declined by your card issuer. Often this is nothing to do with a lack of funds. Most often, it is because the purchase falls outside of your typical purchase patterns. Not many people spend large sums on jewellery and, to protect you, card issuers want to make sure that the purchase is genuine.

If this happens to you, we recommend that you contact your card issuer, usually the security department, and tell them of the problem and ask them to authorise the purchase. The number you need to call is probably on the reverse of your card. You will be asked some security questions, and then the operator will authorise the purchase. You will need to remake the purchase on My Jewel World, but the sale will now go through without problems.

  1. MasterCard Secure Code / Verified By Visa

These two systems are a security level introduced by Visa and MasterCard to reduce security issues, causing purchases to be declined. If you signed up for these programs, you would have been given a password and security details. Just fill out the responses on the pop-up, and the sale will be authorised. If you have forgotten the password like many people, you will need to contact your card provider following the procedure noted above for declined purchases. It only takes a few minutes and is designed to protect you from the inconvenience of fraudulent purchases made on your card.

  1. Our account system is unable to trace your postcode

We use an automated system to add addresses from postcodes. This saves many problems due to mistyped address information. Occasionally the system cannot trace the address; this happens most often with new homes.
If our system cannot trace your address from your postcode, please complete the address form by hand, and the process will be able to continue.

  1. Your credit/debit card has not been charged for the purchase you made

When you make a purchase in our webshop, the payment is usually taken instantly. However, if a product is not in stock, the payment will not be taken from your card account.

A successful payment will show on your card account as being My Jewel World.

Suppose the payment is not taken instantly due to stock unavailability. In that case, we will contact you during our business hours to confirm that the dispatch date or an alternative product that will meet your requirements. Our business hours are 09:00 am to 18:00 pm Monday to Thursday and 09:00 am to 14:00 pm Friday (UK time)

We will only take payment in such cases when you have agreed to the expected delivery date or chosen an alternative product.

  1. Other ordering problems

If you encounter any other issues while placing an order, please contact us by phone: 0800 520 0084 or +44 800 520 0084 from outside the UK. You can also email us at We will work with you to enable the purchase process to complete to your satisfaction.

Occasionally, problems just 'go away' if you close the browser window and start the purchase process again. That is a little inconvenient, but when you do so you should find the item(s) you wanted to purchase are still in your shopping basket.


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